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Soul Talk Interview with Sally Norvell on the film “Saving David Powell”

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Soul Stirrer with embodied faith in action – Sally Norvell decided to become a filmmaker on the set of “Paris, Texas.”

She has been an actress, singer, and filmmaker –  most recently directing, producing and writing the documentary “Saving David Powell”.

Sally writes,

“Saving David Powell” is a call to action to stop the execution of David Powell in real time.  He is scheduled to be executed by the State of Texas on June 15, 2010, and there is no legal recourse left to stop this from happening.  He has spent 32 hard years on America’s most brutal death row, and even after all this time, with no history of violence for decades, they still mean to take him out and kill him.

David’s case is not one of straight innocence, but it is clear that this man does not deserve to be executed.  If ever there were a case for clemency, this is it.

“Saving David Powell” asks for a miracle – and asks the viewer to participate in creating one.