Send Us More Compassionate Health Care Healers! / Guest Diane Nilan

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Soul Talk – “A Spiritual Feast to Leaven the World Soul”

Fresh Off the Grill, From the Teravista studio in Round Rock, Tejas.

Streaming on the web 24/7, live on Thursdays, 2 -3 pm. CST.

On today’s menu:

  • Soul Food – Send Us More Compassionate Health Care Healers!
  • The Sanctified Segue – Things Left Undone, Paul Thorn
  • The Hearty Fare Dinner conversation with Diane Nilan
  • The Soul Stirrer with embodied faith in action, Diane Nilan on the steep slope families in poverty face to escape homelessness.  Plus a new project to give people easy ways to help babies and kids –  “Yay Babies! Yay Kids!”

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