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Why we get out of bed in the morning

Spirituality is as natural as breathing, and is lived moment to moment by everyday people. This is the credo of Soul Talk Radio, and hopefully its genius as well. Our religious sensibilities inform what we do, how we do it, and why we choose our vocations or lifestyles. Spirituality is an integrated expression of our deepest values; not limited to, or by, scriptures and institutional churches.

Our broadcast is a cross between the styles of Bill Moyers and Charles Kuralt. We take from Moyers in that we go for the spiritual passion. Kuralt inspires the show as we highlight the common, salt of the earth person.  Soul Talk Radio is conversational because I find nothing more enjoyable than rich, dynamic, relational dialogue. Thomas Moore writes that conversation is “the sex act of the soul.” In this sort of connection, participants plumb more of their depth. Often, an insight will pop out seemingly from nowhere, to the amazement of the speaker. It is like hitting a vein of pure water that was unknown or hidden, which brings vitality to everyone in the vicinity.

This is what I call “refreshment.” Anytime someone feels refreshed they have brushed the Sacred. We live in a culture where words, and specifically religious teachings, are often used to harass and bludgeon us, thus slamming the door of “the kingdom” in our faces. We will offer a distinct contrast to this style of engagement; restoring joy, play, and expansion to the spiritual mix.

In lieu of fear, manipulation, and judgement, Soul Talk Radio aims to traffic in openness, and wonder; reveling in the myriad expressions of the Divine Source. This does not mean that we will create an environment where everyone sits around the campfire glassy eyed, singing “Kum ba Yah.” Critical thinking and reason are aspects of refreshment as well.

This is witnessed with clarity in the prophetic tradition. There are religious dogmas and social mores that cry out to be challenged. In these instances, the spiritually awakened would be derelict to remain silent. Soul Talk Radio will provide a home for activists and reformers; but only for those who are centered, humble, and compassionate. If one is ugly and mean it doesn’t matter one whit how “right” they are.

One way in which the program will be naturally prophetic is by our intentional celebration of the person on the street. I am increasingly disaffected by the celebrity culture that is incessantly thrust upon us. Just because someone has a camera or microphone in front of them doesn’t mean they have anything edifying to say.

I am enamored of the wise ones, the people of substance; those who embody grounded enlightenment enthusiastically concur with the assessment of Swami Vivekananda:

“The greatest people in the world have passed away unknown. The Buddha’s and the Christ’s that we know are but second-rate heroes in comparison with the greatest of whom the world knows nothing. Hundreds of these unknown heroes have lived in every country working silently. Silently they live and silently they pass away, and in time their thoughts find expression in Buddha’s or Christ’s; and it is these latter that become known to us…. The highest are calm, silent, are unknown.”

I find great pleasure in tracking these folks down, giving them the opportunity to break their silence. Thus, Soul Talk Radio will spotlight people involved in every human enterprise; from the custodian to the business owner, from the minister to the scientist, from the poet to the politician, from the skeptic to the psychic, from the artist to the therapist, from the lawyer to the shaman, from the astronomer to the astrologer, from the professor to the codger whittling in front of the General store.

Our guests will be creative, funky, spontaneous, disciplined, original, genuine, and eccentric. They will possess inner clarity, a penchant to follow their bliss, and reveal themselves as seekers of transformation.

Soul is the middle territory where human and divine meet; it is the marriage of the material and spiritual. I like to imagine Soul as the creme in the middle of the Oreo cookie. We will have served our listeners and supporters well, if hearing Soul Talk Radio is like twisting open the Oreo and licking up the the sweet refreshment of Life.


Chuck Freeman

February 1996

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